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Hello there! I'm Genine Labis, an 18-year-old, Nottingham-based curious creator. On a continuous quest to discover myself as an artist, slowly but surely. 

Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still. – Chinese Proverb

Expressing myself isn’t at all easy for me but the very moment I pick up a pen, pencil or brush, is when a part of me is revealed. Self-confidence. The next step forward. I believe I am a fighter although my only enemy is my mind. Only time will tell when I shall conquer.

InfluencesGod, Family, Music, Geometric, Shapes, Flowers, Realism, Architecture, Human Expression, Fashion, Travel, Sunset, Sky, Dragonfly, Martial Arts, Manga, Yoga, Asian Culture- Korea, Japan, Philippines, Chinese Ink Painting, English/Western Culture.


Always in progress...


Currently undergoing studies, therefore, non-related or self-initiated work are set aside for now. However, this site will be regularly updated and under construction. Apologies for any flaws. You may experience jittery scrolling on some pages in mobile view; I am hoping to fix this soon. Best viewed on desktop.

Thank you for your time! Please enjoy!





From paper to digital, pencil to paint, realism to surrealism.

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My usual go-to mediums would be pencil, pen and ink but I also like to incorporate colour in my work; whether it be with watercolour, acrylic or coloured markers, these mediums really bring out the vibrance in my personality. Recently, I have been exercising my digital knowledge and using it to create artwork on programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I feel that working digitally, grants you clean and crisp results. 


I don't particularly have a distinctive style of my own as of yet, I am steadily training myself in precision, experimenting with different styles, seeing what best suits me and building a foundation for my imagination. Drawing from imagination is an impressive skill that I hope to successfully acquire. For many years, drawing people is my comfort-zone, I want to be able to draw other subjects at a comfortable level as well. I am quite oriented to detail, as you will see in the following pieces. Although, it consumes a lot of time and patience, even, frustration at times; I love to take things a step further and deconstruct tone, colour, shape, etc., to have a better understanding of its make up in all its complexity. The structural build of the human face that holds our daily expression is intriguing.




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